Monday, May 24, 2010

Pet Drawings #18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Haven't had enough time to post lately, but I still have been drawing. Sometimes time limits dictate what techniques I use for my drawings. Since I had a lot going on this week I decided to work mostly with line and some gesture. I like using a variety of techniques because there is always something to learn with how different approaches to drawing have me see my subjects. I sometimes envy artists whose sketchbooks have a pretty drawing on every page. Their books are a work of art in themselves. Not mine! My books send to be a place where I experiment with ideas and process, while occasionally creating something that I might want to frame and hang on a wall. However, I have come to appreciate looking at "process" drawings in my sketchbooks, as well as other artists' works. Some of these dog sketches remind me of one of my favorite children's books "A Day, A Dog" by Gabrielle Vincent. In this book, Vincent tells a pictorial story of a dog that is abandoned and travels through a meandering path. Vincent tell the story with "simple" drawings that could have easily come from her sketchbook. Yet the simplicity of the drawings have an effective impact on how the story is told. A more refined technique would have probably been a distraction to the story. The book not only represents a dog tale, but also the joy of drawing and creating.


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  2. These are awesome drawings. I am going to try and do some less...shall we say....overworked drawings. I think it would benefit me to go for quantity at this point. I am learning from you!

  3. That 2nd one of Ruby is awesome. Very good direction to go! The energy and direct style is something Artists that paint for perfection will find themselves trying to get to, a looser style. Keep the less is more going!
    Continued success!