Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Faces 3/100

Here he is. The finished project. In the darkest spots I used charcoal but everything else was done with my handy-dandy mechanical pencil. He smells nice too! (I had to spray him with hair spray so the charcoal wouldn't all rub off)


  1. Emmy, this is a gorgeous image, I'm envious how you've got all those tones looking so good! Just one thing - I'm an art conservator (specialising in works on paper), and have seen what hair spray as a fixative can do to paper over time (it goes horribly yellow and ruins the image's original colours). I would suggest getting a proper artist's archival fixative for your future charcoal works.
    Oh, and this 100king to improve is such a great idea!

  2. And just to prove me right, here is the finished product. It is brilliant - Well done Emmy.
    As for the hairspray...although a lot of people say it is ok to use as a fixative, I would not recommend it - on the other hand, I bet it smells better than most of my drawings 8-)


  3. Very intense!\
    Stay inspired!

  4. Oh I love a face full of character like this - a fabulous portrait - I know what you mean about drawing a face with wrinkles - much more interesting, a face that has lived life, makes you wonder what sort of life he has lead and what's behind those eyes. Love it and following...